G'Day Mates! My name is Mick and I will be your guide in the "C-Z."


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Welcome! to the C-Z  - Featuring popVideo files for iClone 4/5

Come on into the Zoo and take a look around at all the exciting new critters and props that are in The Zoo!

Be sure to bookmark our Home Page and revisit us from time to time. In the upcoming months, there will be a lot more added!


IMPORTANT: If you can no longer view our previews on this site, please click here for a quick solution.


We have a Zoo-full of image files available for you in both popVideo and png format

popVideo files are for iClone and Crazy Talk Animator only. 

png files can be used in any program that can handle them: iClone, Crazy Talk Animator or Crazy Talk Pro (Great for "Talking Head" type videos!), Anime Studio, PhotoShop, Gimp, etc.

Click our Artist's Palette to open the Clone-Zoo Menu

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