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As big as a Zoo! Our popVideos are 1440x960. But, our "Talking Heads" are 720x480. Nonetheless, the Talking Heads expand quite nicely to almost double size.

Talking Heads

Alice Phrases:

  • "Curiouser and couriouser!"
  • "I wish I hadn't cried so much!"
  • "My name is Alice."
  • "Oh, I had such a curious dream!"
  • "Oh, what a funny watch!"
  • "That was a narrow escape!"
  • "The first thing I have to do is to grow to my right size."
  • "Well, I'll eat it!"
  • "Which way?"
  • "Well, I've seen a cat without a grin, but a grin without a cat?"
  • "Which way?"


Cheshire Cat Phrases:

  • "How do you do?"
  • "How do you like the queen?
  • "We are all mad here!"


Cheshire Cat

Caterpillar Phrases:

  • "And just what do you mean by that!"
  • "Are you happy now?"
  • "Don't be angry!"
  • "Explain yourself!"
  • "I have something important to say!"
  • "It's not confusing at all!"
  • "Just relax!"
  • "Keep you temper!"
  • "One side of the mushroom will make you grow tall..."
  • "What is it you can't remember?"
  • "What size do you want to be?"
  • "Who are you?"
  • "You'll get used to it."


The Caterpillar

Mad Hatter Phrases:

  • "I told you butter wouldn't suit this watch!"
  • "It's always six o'clock now!"


The Mad Hatter

White Rabbit Phrases:

  • "A pity you say!"
  • "Bring in the next witness!"
  • "I must hurry!"
  • "Mary Ann, fetch me my gloves!"
  • "My Queen! My Queen!"
  • "Not so fast!"
  • "Oh, my dear paws! Oh, my fur whiskers!"
  • "Oh, I'm late"
  • "Silence! Silence, I say!"
  • "Oh hush! The Queen will hear you!"
  • "There's going to be an execution."
  • "What a fine day!"
  • "Where are you going?"
  • "Where did I leave my gloves?"
  • "Oh, well you did give me quite a turn."


The White Rabbit

Queen Phrases:

  • "Can you play croquet?"
  • "First the sentence, then the evidence!"
  • "Have you seen the mock turtle yet?"
  • "Hold your tongue!"
  • "Off with her head!"
  • "Off with his head!"
  • "What's your name, child?"


The Queen

Character Walks - 1440x960.


Alice Walks

White Rabbit Walks

Mad Hatter Walks

Cheshire Cat Walks

DoDo Run

DoDo Baby Run

The Whole Deck of Cards!

Ace of Clubs

King of Clubs

Queen of Clubs

Jack of Clubs

10 of Clubs

9 of Clubs

8 of Clubs

7 of Clubs

6 of Clubs

5 of Clubs

4 of Clubs

3 of Clubs

2 of Clubs

Ace of Diamonds

King of Diamonds

Queen of Diamonds

Jack of Diamonds

10 of Diamonds

9 of Diamonds

8 of Diamonds

7 of Diamonds

6 of Diamonds

5 of Diamonds

4 of Diamonds

3 of Diamonds

2 of Diamonds

Ace of Hearts

King of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

Jack of Hearts

10 of Hearts

9 of Hearts

8 of Hearts

7 of Hearts

6 of Hearts

5 of Hearts

4 of Hearts

3 of Hearts

2 of Hearts

Ace of Spades

King of Spades

Queen of Spades

Jack of Spades

10 of Spades

9 of Spades

8 of Spades

7 of Spades

6 of Spades

5 of Spades

4 of Spades

3 of Spades

2 of Spades


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