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Welcome to The Menagerie - The Beasts

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 Pictorial "How To"

As big as a Zoo! Our popVideo files are as close to 1440x960 as we can get 'em without squishing our critters!

Click an image or link below to preview a video file in action. All video demos have been done in iClone 4 and then converted to Flash for the 
web - NO POSTWORK. So, what you see is what you get. (These are functional demos only. No special effects, lighting or cameras.) Add our 
popVideos to your Project file, add special enhancements if desired (paths, lighting, etc.) and, of course, your own imagination to make 
GREAT! movies.

The Serengeti Demo

Big Cat Chase

So simple to use! Open iClone and the folder where the video file resides. Control-click a video and drag it into iClone. Resize and reposition it to fit your movie. For movement, resize/rotate/reposition the popVideo at the start and end of your scene.

NOTE: Our Demos have been greatly compressed for web viewing. Please download a free Critter Sample for real-time quality.

Gorilla Walk

Giraffe Walk

Giraffe Run

Elephant Walk

Elephant Run

Elephant (Male) Walk

Elephant (Male) Run

Hippo Walk

Cobra Strike

Chimpanzee Walk

Tiger - Special Poses

Tiger Demo - Montage

Tiger Get Up (Non-Looping)

Tiger Lie Down (Non-Looping)

Tiger Reclining Ambient

Tiger Reclining Roar (#1)

Tiger Reclining Roar (#2)

Tiger Reclining Roar (#3)

Tiger Reclining Roar(#4)

Tiger Recling Snarl

Tiger Sitting Ambient (#1)

Tiger Sitting Ambient (#2)

Tiger Standing Ambient

Tiger Standing Roar (#1)

Tiger Standing Roar (#2)

Big Cat Walks and Runs

Leopard Walk

Leopard Run

Cheetah Walk

Cheetah Run

Lioness Walk

Lioness Run

Lion (Male) Walk

Lion (Male) Run

Tiger Walk

Tiger Run

Tiger (White) Walk

Tiger (White) Run

Puma (Brown) Walk

Puma (Brown) Run

Puma (Gray) Walk

Puma (Gray) Run

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