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City Life Backgrounds (Warehouse 03) - Static popVideo and png Files

Whoa' Mate! Be sure to read our Terms of Use before purchasing these files.


Release the 2D Artist within! iClone is not only for video. With its exceptional lighting capabilities and your artistic talent, you can create some stunning imagery!


Click our Artist's Palette to open the Clone-Zoo Menu

As big as a Zoo! Our popVideo files are as close to 1440x960 as we can get 'em without squishing our critters!

Put your Actors in Virtual Locations!

Want to use your own furniture? Or perhaps one of our popVideo "prop" sets? Or, maybe you want to put your actor between a background and some props? Then our empty backgrounds are for you. The floors have been cleared away to make room for your props and actors.

See our Demos below, or more "How To" located here.



"How it's done"

Warehouse 27


Warehouse 27b


Warehouse 28


Warehouse 28b


Warehouse 29


Warehouse 29b


Warehouse 30


Warehouse 30b


Warehouse 31


Warehouse 31b


Warehouse 32


Warehouse 32b


Warehouse 33


Warehouse 33b


City Life Backgrounds (Warehouse 03) - Static popVideos

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