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popVideo files for iClone

popVideo files are for iClone and Crazy Talk Animator only. 
png files are available in our store, but links have not yet been assigned for all pages, here at the web site. Please visit our store for more information about our png files.

png files can be used in any program that can handle them: iClone, Crazy Talk Animator or Crazy Talk Pro (Great for "Talking Head" type videos!), Anime Studio, PhotoShop, Gimp, etc.

The Clone-Zoo Store is now open in beta mode.

While in beta mode, please purchase only a few items at a time and be sure to Contact Us in case of a problem.

Come on into the Zoo and take a look around at all the exciting new critters and props that are in The Zoo!

Be sure to bookmark our Home Page and revisit us from time to time. In the upcoming months, there will be a lot to see!

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popVideos for iClone

Return Policy

By the "nature of the beast," once an electronic download is completed, it can't be returned. It only follows, then, that we have a "No Return/No Refund" policy. But, to be fair about it, we have provided free files for you to try out before you make a purchase. Please be sure to do so. We will, of course, help you out in the event of a download problem. Please be sure to see our Terms page for full details.

Motion popVideo files

Please select a category link (in red) below.

Alice In Wonderland Alice, Alice Talks, Caterpillar Talks, Cheshire Cat, Cheshire Cat Talks, Clubs - the whole deck!,
Diamonds - the whole deck!, Do Do, Hearts - the whole deck!, Mad Hatter, Mad Hatter Talks,
Spades - the whole deck!, White Rabbit, White Rabbit Talks
Antelope Addax, Black Buck, Bongo, Dama Gazelle, Dorcas Gazelle, Grants Gazelle, Hartebeest, Impala, Klipspringer, Kudu, Oryx, Pronghorn, Sable, Springbok, Tommie, Wildebeest
Beasts Cheetah, Chimpanzee, Cobra, Elephant, Elephant (Male), Giraffe, Gorilla, Hippo, Leopard, Lion (Male), Lioness, Puma (Brown), Puma (Grey), Tiger, Tiger (White), Tiger Get Up, Tiger Lie Down, Tiger Reclining Ambient, Tiger Reclining Roar 1, Tiger Reclining Roar 2, Tiger Reclining Roar 3, Tiger Reclining Roar 4, Tiger Sitting Ambient 1, Tiger Sitting Ambient 2, Tiger Standing Ambient, Tiger Standing Roar 1, Tiger Standing Roar 2
Birds Black Shoulder Kite, Cardinal, Chicken, Eagle, Egyptian Vulture, Emperor Penguin, Golden Eagle,
Goose, Griffin Vulture, Gyrfalcon, Lappet Faced Vulture, Pelican, Peregrine Falcon, Red Tailed Hawk,
Cats Abyssinian, Black, Blue Siamese, Calico, Grey Tabby, Grey and White, Red Tabby, Siamese, Silver Mau, Tortie, White, White Oriental
Deer Buck Grazing, Buck Walk, Doe Grazing, Doe Walk, Fawn Grazing, Fawn Walk
Dogs Boxer, Bull Terrier, Dalmation, Doberman, German Shepherd, German Shorthair, Hound, Labrador (Black), Labrador (Yellow), Malamute, Mastiff, Minpin, Parsons, Rottweiler, Staffordshire, Wolf (Black), Wolf (Grey), Wolf (White)
Dragons and Dinosaurs Aucasaurus, Blue Dragon, Brachiosaurus, Cryolophosaurus, Deionychus, Einiosaurus, Monolophosaurus,
Pachyosaurus, Parasaur, Pteranodon, Quetzlcoatus, Red Dragon, Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Talarurus,
T-Rex, Triceratop, Zuniceratop
Horses Blue Roan, Charger, Colt, Dun, Filly, Fleabitten, Palomino, Piebald, Strawberry Roan
Sea Life Butterfly Fish, Dolphin, Jelly Fish, Lion Fish, Manta Ray, Whale (Orca), Otter, Platypus, Rockfish, Sea Lion, Shark (Great White), Shark (Hammerhead), Shark (White Tip)
"Tweeners" Bear, Bison, Camel, Cow, Crocodile, Filled Neck Lizard, Frog, Groundhog, Guinea Pig, Koala, Llama, Polar Bear, Snail, Spider, Tarantula, Woylie

Fantasy World

Airboat, Fantasy Carriage, Fantasy Carriage (Pumpkin), Fantasy Carriage (Royal), Mac 4, Pegasus,
Pegasus Colt, Pegasus Filly, Pegasus Mare, Sky Bike, Spinning Wheel, Steam Flying Machine, 
Steam Ground Machine, Steam Machine Cab, Steam Machine Carriage, Steam Machine Rider,
Steam Mechanic, War Mac, Wizard Castle
Holiday Balach Walk, Frankenstein Walk, Halloween Blood On Wheels Truck, Halloween Delivery Truck, I Scream  Halloween Truck, Halloween Undertaker Truck, Lion Man Walk, Minotaur Walk, Mummy Walk, Pumpkin Jack (All Dressed Up) Run, Pumpkin Jack (All Dressed Up) Walk,
Pumpkin Jack (Garden Variety) Run, Pumpkin Jack (Garden Variety) Walk, Pumpkin Jack Run,
Pumpkin Jack Walk, Reindeer Rita Walk, Reindeer Rita Run, Reindeer Rocco Walk, Reindeer Rocco Run,
Reindeer Rudolph Walk, Reindeer Rudolph Run, Santa's Wheelbarrow, Scarecrow Man Walk, Snowman,
Tin Man Walk, Vampire Walk, Zombie Man Walk, Zombie Woman Walk
Holiday Talking Heads Cat (Black) in Witches Hat Sayings, Elf Merry Christmas, Frankenstein Jokes N Sayings, Ghost Jokes, Ghost Sayings, Nutcracker Happy Holidays, Pilgrim Kevin Happy Turkey Day, Pumpkin Jack (Dressed Up) Jokes, Pumpkin Jack (Dressed Up) Sayings, Pumpkin Jack (Garden Variety) Jokes,
Pumpkin Jack (Garden Variety) Sayings, Pumpkin Jack Jokes, Pumpkin Jack Sayings,
Real Turkey (Close-up) Happy Turkey Day, Real Turkey Happy Turkey Day, Santa Happy Holidays,
Santa is Coming to Your Town, Skull N Crossbones Jokes N Sayings, Two Zombies and a Mummy,
Vampire Jokes N Sayings, Witch Hag Jokes N Sayings, Witch Hag Other Sayings
Space Alien, CIPP, Droid, PPUT2000, Space Ranger, UFO
Western Chuck Wagon, Handcart, Stagecoach, Wheel Barrow
Military Army Ambulance, Army Truck (Rusted), Flip Forward (German), Flip Forward (U.S.), Humvee,
Jeep, Kneel and Fire! (German), Kneel and Fire! (U.S.), P-51 Plane, Panther Tank, Panzer Tank,
Prone and Fire! (German), Prone and Fire! (U.S.), Run! (German), Run! (U.S.), Shot! (German),
Shot! (U.S.), Stand and Fire! (German), Stand and Fire! (U.S.), Stuka Plane, U.S. Tank
Vehicle ATV, Box Trucks, Courier Trucks, Bus, Car, Car (Police), Car (Taxi), Cement Truck, Circus Truck, Construction Truck, Crane, Dumpster, Ebike, Fire Truck, Flat Bed, Helicopter, Hot Air Balloons, Inflatable Boats, Land Rangers, Limos, Mail Truck, Mongoose Interceptor, Motorcycle, Nautilus, News Van, Panel Vans, Police Vans, Rattlesnake Boat, Semi-Truck, Speed Boat, Swamp Boat, Taco Van, Tankers, Tow Truck, VWs
Toon Bolt, Chip, Chomper, Diamond Appaloosa, Diamond Bay, Diamond Buckskin, Diamond Leopard, Her, Him,
Nutz, Penny Penguin, Percy Penguin, Rita Reindeer, Rocco Reindeer, Rudolph Reindeer, Scrappy, SRB800,
Toon Alien, Toon Bear, Toon Bookworm, Toon Bunny, Toon Cat, Toon Dog, Toon Duck, Toon Monkey,
Toon Penguin, Toon Skunk, Tumbleweed, War Cow

Scene Fillers (Static popVideo / png files)

(We sometimes abbreviate their names to just "props," 'cuz  "Static popVideo files" is just too hard to say!)

Please select a category link (in red) below.

Boats, Ships, and Jets pg 01

Aircraft Hangar, Boat Trailer, Ferry, HMS Victory, Inflatable Boats, Jets, Medusa Ghost Ship, Medusa Jack,
Mongoose Interceptor, Natilus

Boats, Ships, and Jets pg 02

Aircraft Hangar Interior, Airliner Interiors, Noah's Ark 1, Noah's Ark 2, Paddleboat, Power Boat,
Rattlesnake Boat, Sampan, Sleigh, Spanish Galleon, Speed Boat, Submarine, Surfboard, Swamp Boat

Boats, Ships, and Jets pg 03

Captain's Galley Interiors

Boats, Ships, and Jets pg 04

Captain's Galley Props, Medusa Interiors

Boats, Ships, and Jets pg 05

Noah's Ark Interiors,  Tortuga - Port of Pirates
Days of Rome Coliseum Amphitheater 01, Coliseum Amphitheater 02, Coliseum Amphitheater 03, 
Coliseum Amphitheater 04, Coliseum Amphitheater 05, Coliseum Amphitheater 06,
Coliseum Amphitheater 07, Coliseum Amphitheater 08, Coliseum Amphitheater 09,
Coliseum Training 01, Coliseum Training 02, Coliseum Training 03, Coliseum Training 04,
Coliseum Training 05, Coliseum Training 06, Coliseum Training 07, Coliseum Training 08,
Coliseum Training 09, Coliseum Training (Doors Open) 01, Coliseum Training (Doors Open) 02,
Coliseum Training (Doors Open) 03, Coliseum Training (Doors Open) 04,
Coliseum Training (Doors Open) 06, Coliseum Training (Doors Open) 07,
Coliseum Training (Doors Open) 08, Coliseum Training (Doors Open) 09

Exotic Animals

Kangaroo, Koala Bear, Panda, Peacock, Emperor Penguin, Platypus, Polar Bear

Fairy Tale Backgrounds

Hickory Dickory Dock Background 01, Hickory Dickory Dock Background 02,
Hickory Dickory Dock Background 03, Hickory Dickory Dock Background 04,
Hickory Dickory Dock Background 05, Hickory Dickory Dock Background 06,
Hickory Dickory Dock Background 07, Humpty Dumpty Background 01, Humpty Dumpty Background 02,
Humpty Dumpty Background 03, Humpty Dumpty Background 04, Humpty Dumpty Background 05,
Humpty Dumpty Background 06, Humpty Dumpty Background 07

Fairy Tale Scene Sets

Alice in Wonderland, Camelot, Hickory, Dickory, Dock, Humpty Dumpty, Snow White

Fantasy pg 01

3 Little Pigs, Avalon Barge, Camelot Tents, Drums, Fairy Buildings, Fairy Boats, Old Shoe House,
Pumpkin House, Mushroom House, Fairy Tale Castle, Fairy Tale Cottage, Fairy Tale Manor,
Fairy Tale Props

Fantasy pg 02

Frog Prince, Gazebos, Gnome Buildings, Honey Pot House, Igloo, Lighthouse, Props, Shoe House,
Skull Throne, Sun Dial, Swamp Shack, Swan Barge, Thrones, Witch 'n Wizard Props, Wyrm, Wing Ship,

Farm Animals

American Black Vulture, Apache Horse, Butterflies, Cat, Cherokee Horse, Comanche Horse, Coyote,
Deer, Foxes, Golden Eagle, Hens 'n Roosters, Hereford Bulls, Cows 'n Calves, Holstein Dairy Cow,
Longhorn Bulls, Cows 'n Calves, Parakeet, Peregrine Falcon, Puppy, Red Headed Vulture, Red Tail Hawk,
Snake, Squirrel, Wolves
Fight Club Props Fight Club Boxing Bag, Fight Club Boxing Birne, Fight Club Boxing Gloves, Fight Club Boxing Ring,
Fight Club Sideboard 01, Fight Club Sideboard 02
Food Related Apple thru Bread | Cabbage thru Cucumber | Date thru Fork | Goblet thru Knife | Ladle thru Orange | Papaya thru Pumpkin | Radish thru Zucchini
Jungle Animals Camel, Cheetah, Elephants, Giraffe, Gorilla, Hippopotamus, Leopard, Lions, Macaw, Meerkat, Monkey,
Rhino, Tigers, Zebra
Medieval Life

Camelot Tent (Oval) BlacknGreen, Camelot Tent (Oval) BlacknOrange, Camelot Tent (Oval) BlacknWhite,
Camelot Tent (Oval) BlacknYellow, Camelot Tent (Oval) Blue, Camelot Tent (Oval) BluenOrange,
Camelot Tent (Oval) BluenWhite, Camelot Tent (Oval) Brown, Camelot Tent (Oval) Canvas,
Camelot Tent (Oval) Red, Camelot Tent (Round) Blue, Camelot Tent (Round) Brown,
Camelot Tent (Round) Canvas, Camelot Tent (Round) Red, Market Booth 01, Market Booth 02,
Market Booth 03, Market Booth 04, Market Booth 05, Market Booth 06, Market Booth 07, Market Booth 08,
Market Booth 09, Market Booth 10, Market Booth 11, Market Booth 12, Market Booth 13, Market Booth 14,
Market Booth 15, Market Booth 16, Market Booth 17, Stockade, Witch Stake

Plants, Trees and Bushes

Ancient Tree thru Creepy Tree | Creepy Tree thru Floral Tropical | Floral Tropical thru Hybiscus | Hybiscus thru Oak Tree | Oak Tree thru Rock Pebbles | Rose Bush thru Venus Fly Trap | Vines

Space pg 01

Alien Command Ship, Alien Destroyer, Alien Drone, Alien Fighter, Alien Heavy Fighter, Alien Mother Ship,
Alien Ship, DV Fighter, ISS Omega, Military Satellite, The Luxury Star, The Mosquito, The Scorpion,
The Shadow Fighter, Space Port, Space Relic, Space Shuttle, The Starfire, The Star Hawk, Star Tug,
Terran Battle Cruiser, Terran Carrier, Terran Destroyer, Terran Freighter, Terran Oni Fighter,
Terran Tangu, The Vanguard, The Wasp, The Zarkov

Space pg 02

Commander Bridge Interiors, Commander Bridge Props, Delta Station

Space pg 03

Luxury Star Interiors

Space pg 04

Luxury Star Interiors, Luxury Star Props

Space pg 05

Star Carrier Interiors, Supra Station, Vanguard Interiors
Victorian Cottage Chimneys, Cottage Shop, Cottage Shop Signs, Cottage Shop Snow, Cottage Shop Thatch,
Cottage, Victorian Street Ablaze, Victorian Street Day, Victorian Street Night, 
Victorian Street Snowy Day (No Snow), Victorian Street Snowy Say (With Snow),
Victorian Street Snowy Night (No Snow), Victorian Street Snowy Night (With Snow),
Victorian Palm Reader Props, Victorian Pawn Props, Victorian Shoppe Props, Victorian Sign - Glasses,
Victorian Sign - Hats, Victorian Sign - Inn, Victorian Sign - Pawn, Victorian Sign - Shoes,
Victorian Snow Drifts, Victorian Street Lamp, Victorian Street Snow, Victorian Village Pump
Western Ace in the Hole Saloon, Adobe Bench, Adobe Blanket, Adobe Bowls, Adobe Hacienda, Adobe Jars, Adobe Loom, Adobe Pots, Anvil, Armoire, Badges, Bank Interiors, Bank Safe, Barbed Wire, Barns, Bars, Baskets, Beds and Pillows, Bella's Saloon Interiors, Benches, Bullet Bag, Cabinets, Country Bridge, Country Church, Emporium Building, General Store, Handcart, Homestead House, Hotel Interiors, Ledgers, Livery Stable, Mercantile Interior, Old West Bath House, Old West Saloon Interiors, Old West Saloon 2 Interiors (New), Old West Undertaker's, Sheriff Office Interiors, Smithy Shop Interiors, Tavern Interiors, Undertaker Interiors

Rooms, Walls, 'n Floors

Please select a category link (in red) below.

pg 1 | pg 2 | pg 3 | pg 4 | pg 5 | pg 6

City Life Backgrounds

Please select a category link (in red) below.

Alpha City | The Backyard | Bank | Basement | Bistro Miami | Boutique | Bumper Car Ride | The Cell (Jail) | City Streets |
Clubhouse | The Courtroom | The Diner | Dorm Kitchen | Dorm Room 01 | Dorm Room 02 | Dorm Sitting Room |
Eastern Terrace | Fight Club | Hallway Elevator | Hospital | Hotel Hallway | Kiddie Carnival | Mad Lab | Miscellaneous |
Movie Theater | Office | Playschool Interior | School Classroom | School Corridor | School Doctor | School Library |
School Theater Lobby | Service Station | Staircase | Standard Apt | Stylista | Subway | Supermarket | Talk Show |
Urban Sprawl 01 | Urban Sprawl 02 | Urban Sprawl 03 | Urban Sprawl 04 | Urban Sprawl 05 | Urban Sprawl 06 |
Urban Sprawl 07 | Urban Sprawl 08 | Urban Sprawl 09 | Veranda Cafe | Warehouse 01 | Warehouse 02 | Warehouse 03 |

City Life Props (Static popVideo)

Please select a category link (in red) below.

Motion Files - .VNS format

Please select a category link (in red) below.


Please select a category link (in red) below.

pg 1 Anakin's Pod Racer, Aqua Laser, Assault Rifle Flames Forward, Assault Rifle Flames Sideways,
Assault Rifle Forward, Assault Rifle Sideways, Battlestar Jump, Beretta, Big Dirt Explosion,
pg 2 Blood Slash, Blood Spew, Blue Ignition Flare, Bubbles, Bullet on Metal, Bullet Trail in Water,
Bunch of Flowers, Camera Flash , Campfire Blaze, Cigarette Smoke, Colorful Leaves, Colorful Music Notes,
Crazy Lightning, Death Eater, Debris, Dirt Hit
pg 3 Dripping Blood, Dripping Blood (Full Screen ), Dripping Water 01, Dripping Water 02, Dr Who Tunnel,
Dust Storm 01, Dust Storm 02, Eisengard Fires, Electric Ball, Electrocution, pisode IV Laser Blast,
Exit Route, Eyescope, Fairy Dust 01, Fairy Dust 02
pg 4 Falling Magma, Finger Lightning, Fireball with Smoke 01, Fireball with Smoke 02, Fire Blast, Firework, Explosion, Firey Meteor, Flame Thrower, Flaming Death, Fluffy Smoke, Gas Flame Blast 01
pg 5 Gas Flame Blast 02, Glass Break, Glowy Fire, Gold Fireworks, Green Fog, Grenade Explosion,
Ground Fire, Hadouken, Heat Haze, Heavy Fires
pg 6 Heavy Snow, Human Torch, Ice Beam, Ice Beam Blade, Ice Chips, Iceman's Freeze Blast 01,
Iceman's Freeze Blast 02, ILM Quality Lightning 03, Inferno, Intense Fire 01, Intense Fire 02
pg 7 Intense Yellow Fire 01, Intense Yellow Fire 02, Jet Engine, Laser Sight, Laser Sparks, Lightning,
Lightning Spark Bursts, Lightning Strike, Light Saber Blue, Light Saber Clash Blue, Light Saber Clash Gold,
Light Saber Red, Low Gas
pg 8 M16 Flash Forward, M16 Flash Sideways, Machine Gun Casings, Machine Gun Casings Continuous,
Machine Gun Flashes Forward, Machine Gun Flashes Sideways, Magic Spinning Energy Ball 01,
Magic Spinning Energy Ball 02, Martian Blast, Missle Smoke
pg 9 Misty Fog, MP40 Muzzle Flash, Nebraska Twister, Niagara Falls, Particle Fire Explosion 01,
Particle Fire Explosion 02, Photon Torpedo, Planet Destruction, Portal 01, Portal 02
pg 10 Power Comet 01, Power Comet 02, Proton Stream, Proton Torpedo, Pulsar Blast, Pulsating Blue Laser,
Pulsating Green Laser, Quantum Body Change 01, Quantum Body Change 02, Raining Money
pg 11 Raining Money Continuous, Realistic Smoke Explosion, Realistic Water Splash 01, 
Realistic Water Splash 02, Rifle Smoke, Ring of Fire, Security Camera, Security Camera Sector 01,
Security Camera Sector 02, Security Camera Sector 03
pg 12 Security Camera Sector 04, Security Camera Sector 05, Security Camera Sector 06,
Security Camera Sector 07, Security Camera Sector 08, Security Camera Sector 09, Shooting Star,
Short Gun Smoke, Simple Steam Train
pg 13 Smallville Meteor, Smallville Mind Wipe 01, Smallville Mind Wipe 02, Space Explosion, Sparkling Snow,
Sparks, Spray of Water 01, Spray of Water 02, Stepladder Fireball, Strange Disturbance
pg 14 Stream of Fire, Stream of Fire Flame Loop, Struck by Lightning 01, Struck by Lightning 02,
Superman Super Breath, Tank Muzzle Flash, Tardis Light, Thin Blood Smoke, Tommy Gun Forward,
Tommy Gun Sideways
pg 15 Tornado 01, Tornado 02, Torrential Rain, Trailer Fantasy Explosion, Transporter Deres 01,
Transporter Deres 02, Turret Gun Forward, Turret Gun Sideways, Twister, Uzi
pg 16 Vampire Ash, Volcano, Volcano at Night, Volcano Flame Loop, Voldemort's Curse 01, 
Voldemort's Curse 02k Warm Fusion, Warm Fusion Loop, Warp Speed Starfield, Waterbending 01
pg 17 Waterbending 02, Water Blast, Water Cascade 01, Water Cascade 02, Waterfall 01, Waterfall 02 ,
Wheel 03, Wheel 05, Wheel 05 Loop, Wheel 06
pg 18 White Christmas 01, White Christmas 02, White Snow 01, White Snow 02, Wind Waker Flame,
Zig Zag Flame Comet


 popVideo "How To"

popVideos for iClone

If in doubt, try a free file before purchasing.

As big as a Zoo! Our videos and prop files are as close to 1440x960 (.popVideo) format as we can get 'em with good processor impact.

5-8 looping orientations are included in each video package: Across (left/right), Away, Away Diagonal (left/right), Forward, and Forward Diagonal (left/right)

Flip or Rotate videos for even more poses!

popVideo files for iClone

So simple to use! Open iClone and the folder where the video file resides. Control-click a video and drag it into iClone. Resize and reposition the defImage file after loading the video. Rotate the video, 180 degrees on the Z-axis, to get a different Left/Right orientation. What the hey, rotate it in any direction - flip it upside down and have your critters walking on the ceiling!

Backgrounds/Audio from our Demo files are NOT Included, unless otherwise specified at our Online Store

Return Policy

By the "nature of the beast," once an electronic download is completed, it can't be returned. It only follows, then, that we have a "No Return/No Refund" policy. But, to be fair about it, we have provided free files for you to try out before you make a purchase. Please be sure to do so. We will, of course, help you out in the event of a download problem. Please be sure to see our Terms page for full details.

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