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Motion Files for iClone - At the Office


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These Motions are demonstrated with Kane so that you can see that they do work well. However, as with ALL motion files, some "tweeking" might be necessary to fit your specific motion need in iClone. If in doubt, please download a free test file before making a purchase; especially if you are working with iClone 5 and/or Chuck and the Family characters.

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Click the Play button on any video for a short Motion Preview

Desk - Drowsy

Desk - Open Center Drawer

Desk - Side Drawer Close

Desk - Side Drawer Open

Desk - Side Drawer Open and Shut

Desk - Side Drawer Search

Idle - Sit to Phone

Mad at Computer

Office Chair - Feet Down

Office Chair - Feet Up

Office Chair - Feet Up 'n Stretch

Office Chair - Sit

Office Chair - Stand

Phone - Answer

Phone - Bad New

Phone - Dialing

Phone - Good News

Phone - Slam Down

Phone - Talking 1

Phone - Talking 2

Phone - to Idle Sit


Typing - Keys to Mouse

Typing - Look at Hands

Typing - Mouse Movement

Typing - Mouse to Keys

Writing at Desk

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