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Boats, Ships, 'n Jets Scene Fillers  - Static popVideos

Whoa' Mate! Be sure to read our Terms of Use before purchasing these files.


Yes, these are "static" props - no moving parts. But, it is so simple to create the illusion of movement! Open iClone and the folder where the video file resides. Control-click a video and drag it into iClone. Resize and reposition it to fit your movie. For movement, resize/rotate/reposition the popVideo at the start and end of your scene.


Click our Artist's Palette to open the Clone-Zoo Menu

As big as a Zoo! Our popVideo files are as close to 1440x960 as we can get 'em without squishing our critters!

Great for foreground or background fillers!

Daytime/Night Time/Ocean Backgrounds and Audio NOT Included

Medusa Pirate Ship Demo

Captain's Galley Demo

Jets Demo

Jet Interior Demo

Noah's Ark 1


Noah's Ark 2


Noah's Ark 3


Noah's Ark 4


Noah's Ark 5


Noah's Ark 6


Noah's Ark 7


Noah's Ark 8


Noah's Ark 9


Tortuga, Port of Pirates 1


Tortuga, Port of Pirates 1b


Tortuga, Port of Pirates 2


Tortuga, Port of Pirates 2b


Tortuga, Port of Pirates 3


Tortuga, Port of Pirates 4


Tortuga, Port of Pirates 5



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