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About Us?

Well, we've lived too long to tell you our full life-story, but here's the long and short of it.

We've been involved in video production for a couple'o decades and always lookin' into how to do things "better" and achieve a little more realism in our videos. Over the years we've developed quite a lot of "tools" in the way of motion files and 3D objects. And --- then --- we discovered (da-da-da-daaa) iClone! At last we could use this fantastic tool, augmented by our video library, in a whole new way!
And, then we got to thinkin' Hmmm... Maybe some folks out there might like to step into this new adventure with us - and was born. Now, what we'd really like to do is to just give 'em away for free! But, there have been thousands (literally) of man-hours put into the production of these files, terra-bytes of data storage, dozens of computer crashes to rebuild, software that just didn't work like we wanted, and web sites ain't cheap to run, so we've gotta charge "something."
Still, we know from lookin' around ourselves that our prices are waaaay below! what we should be chargin' for our zoo. And we hope you will take advantage of this great opportunity to enhance your videos in a way that has not been possible before for the non-Hollywood production studio.
So, come on in and "walkabout" our zoo! Don't be afraid to experiment. And let your imagination soar!

(And wipe your feet before you leave!)


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