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I get an error message from time to time requesting me to install a plug-in for Flash. I have the latest Flash player. What's up?

If NONE of our videos are playing for you and you see one of the images above (instead of our videos) your browser is recommending a plug-in:

Adobe Flash player, Firefox, and Internet Explorer are frequently updated at the same time. If you have recently updated your browser or flash player, and now you cannot see our videos in your browser (especially if you are using Firefox) please update both your browser and your flash player to the latest versions. (Note: If your computer is set to automatically apply updates, this dual compatibility effect can take place without your even knowing it, as one piece of software updates and another does not.)

Alternatively, if you see the 2nd image above, you can click the "Activate Adobe Flash" link as a temporary fix.

The Firefox browser plug-in for Flash player can be updated here:

and the Adobe Shockwave Flash Player can be updated here:

(If you do not want Google Drive installed with the update, be sure to uncheck that option in the gray window above the gold download button.)

If both your flash player and your browser are at the latest update versions and you are still having problems on our site, please see the issues and fixes posted below.


I can't see your videos running either, but I know I have Flash Player installed. What I  see is a big gray space. Why is this? Our site videos are designed to be viewed with Adobes's Flash Player 6.0 or higher. The gray space that you are seeing indicates that a QuickTime Player has tried to appropriate the flash format. Perhaps you have recently installed QuickTime or the QuickTime player has performed an automatic update without you being aware.

Therefore, you will need to tell QuickTime that it cannot try to open Flash files (undo the flash file type association in QuickTime.). Your QuickTime player might be different, depending on the version, but here are the basic steps to solving your problem:

Start the QuickTime player through your Start Menu. Under "Edit," choose "Preferences." Then, if you see a drop-down menu, choose "File Associations." Under "File-type Associations," uncheck the option for  File type: "Flash file" or extension ".swf."

Your version might have a somewhat different way to access File Associations, but if you can "un-associate" flash files from the QuickTime player, you will be able to see our videos and the QuickTime player will remain the video player for the other file types you leave checked in File Associations.

Can ALL of these videos be used with characters? For example, can Kane ride EVERY vehicle?


We make every attempt to pose the different views so that they are useable for such a purpose. But, sometimes, poles or pipes or seats just get in the bloomin' way! And there's no way for us to remove them. That's why we recommend that you look very discerningly at the sample images we display to see if you will be able to use the file for your purpose. But, even if Kane cannot "ride" a particular vehicle direction, the file can still be used to good advantage as a part of the background. So, don't be too hasty to throw an idea out!

It does take a little finesse to learn how to overlay video files, but big studios do it all the time! And so can you! Take a look at our Tutorial Page for examples.

Your artwork is very good. I'm new to iclone, and would like to know if I can make your characters move any 
direction and give them movements, or are they pre made movies to use as backgrounds?
The files we are offering are not "characters," per se. They are, indeed, video files in popVideo format. Each "set" comes with at least 5 different orientations - Across, Forward, Away, Away-Diagonal, and Forward-Diagonal. So, we have taken care of the "posing" for you already. In addition, you can apply any effect to them that is included in iClone. For example, you can "flip" them, rotate them, skew them, attach them to other characters/props in the scene, make them move along paths, etc.

The videos are designed to be used as "additions" to your movie. Take a look at one of our short demos on each site page to see what we mean. And, if there are any other questions, you can always download a "testing" video from our Freebies page to try them out for yourself. As a matter of fact, we recommend it!

The wheels on the vehicles I purchased don't seem to spin correctly when I export them from my project. Why is that? More than likely, you are exporting your video from iClone at something less than 30 frames per second. When exporting, the higher the frame rate, the smoother the resulting action is. We recommend that you export at 30 fps whenever possible.
Is there a way to make the popVideo face the camera so that I can turn the camera throughout the project and not have to switch out the directional pose for the popVideo? The "usual" way to bring a popVideo file into your project is to open the folder where the file resides, then ctrl-click and drag it into your project. If you want to achieve the effect you are suggesting, RIGHT-click the popVideo and drag it into your project. When you release, select "billboard" as the project source. iClone will then place the popVideo on a billboard that always faces the camera.
What program do you use to create your animations? How do you render it out of that program? Can you give me a step-by-step on how to do the same thing you are doing? Sorry, mate. Them is "trade secrets." The Mrs. would send me out on permanent safari if I was to tell you that!
What codec do you use for the videos you create? Our popVideos are native to iClone. In order to use videos in iClone 4 or 5, the user must have the corresponding codec installed on their computer. If they want to import an mpg file into their movie, for example, they must have the specific mpg codec installed for the video they want to use. popVideo is iClone's own creation. It is installed when iClone is installed and is easily used by the iClone 4 or 5 software (except for a small "hitch" in iClone 5 that is addressed in our tutorials). And that "hitch" is not in the "use" of popVideo, but in how many can be used in one project. We've got a work-around for that.
I've listened to your promo at the Reallusion forums, and Mick's accent doesn't sound quite right. What's up? Mick has been traveling the world in search of critters for so long that his accent has  a little, what shall we say, "world-wide influence?" But, his heart is sincere and he's a real lover of the Zoo. So, to all of you Aussie's out there, we hope you'll forgive us and agree that the Outback is a big enough place for everybody!
I can't seem to get the shadows "right" on diagonal views. What's the secret? Are you using a 2d background? Shadows are very difficult to control against a 2d background. There's no "floor" for the shadows to reflect against. We recommend using a 3d background, wherever possible. Usually a simple "up" or "down" positioning to floor level will produce very satisfactory results. Also, check your lighting settings. If you are using Drop Shadow, try changing to Self-Illumination, or vice-versa.
Will these video files also work for a non-iClone user? What?! A non-iClone user?! Has somebody rung your bell, mate? Well, if you insist on workin' with those other programs, truth be known, we do not know for sure. 'Cause we don't know what "other" programs you might be using. (You can always download a "Freebie" and try it out!) But, we do know this: 

1) These video files work great for iClone4 and 5, but not iClone3. iClone3 does not have video support.

2)  We do have some of our video critters out on loan temporarily at The video sizes for QuickTime files located there is 720x480. supplies them at 1440x960 resolution!

3) You can always invest in purchasing iClone. The software will enable you to export your videos as DIFFUSE and OPACITY files that can be used successfully in software such as Adobe Premiere.

The "Scene Sets" at Content Paradise are the same as the ones in our Online Store here. We would appreciate it if you would make your Scene Set purchases from our store, since more of the proceeds would go to support our Zoo. Thanks, Mick.


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