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Watch how Hollywood uses Green Screen and Overlays

Stargate Studios Virtual Backlot Reel

Swords and Sandals

And here's a look at how we do it with iClone!

(No, it isn't "greenscreening," per se. It's called "compositing." And, it's based on the same techniques used in greenscreening - Overlaying one transparent object over another, until the final look is achieved.)

The flash demos on the left, below, show the final "look" using the Preview camera in iClone; while the demos on the right, show you the compositing effect viewed at about a 30 degree angle.

The Pirate Ship

How its done

The Carnival

How its done

Carnival Swing Ride

How its done

Carnival Wheel of Fortune Spin

How its done

Carnival Celeste Turn

How its done

Urban Sprawl

How its done

Victorian Street Burning

How its done

We'll be creating some step-by-step tutorials and "hints and tricks" just as soon as we have completed the site conversion to popVideo format, so stay tuned!

Coming Soon!

"Crowd Scenes"

We're working on the creation of "Crowd Scenes" to provide you with walking, running, cheering, booing, clapping, objecting, etc. etc. type popVideos for you to overlay on top of backgrounds.

Crowd Walk

How its done


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